Khulan Jargalsaikhan

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A little bit about myself, I am originally from Mongolia, where I earned bachelor’s degree in Printing Engineering. I came to the United States 2015 to pursue the American dream of having the opportunity to achieve success through hard work and learning from failures. 2018 was the start of a new beginning, as I started the Associate of Applied Sciences degree for Information System Technology. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2021.

Two months after my graduation, I enrolled in a Java Web Development bootcamp, online. I gained real life “hands-on experience”. The bootcamp provided me with the chance to utilize Java Spring Boot framework. I was able to build five major spring web applications.

Puzzles, the unsolved, building, and creating have always been my “jam”. Finding solutions and learning provides me with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Coding, in a sense, is just the ultimate, infinite puzzle! My passion for coding is derived from what makes me up as an individual, and it's what drove me to choose a career in IT as a software engineer.


CompTIA Security+ CE Certified
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Programming Languages & Tools

Floral Studio online store

Developed a floral studio spring boot web application for the final project of the Bootcamp. Consisted of a team of 2 developers. Overall team strategy was to break problems into smaller, more manageable pieces, and develop solutions one by one until the task was complete.

    - Created a database for the products
    - Application allows the user to view a list of products with images and select a product to add to the shopping cart
    - Uploaded the images with Cloudinary
    - Admin is able to add/remove a product, adjust a price, or put an item for sale from the database
    - Users are able to register and receive a confirmation email after placing an order
    - Utilized Java Spring Boot (Thymeleaf, Spring Security, Web, H2 database, Validation, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate), HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, IntelliJ, GitHub

(Note: The App is deployed on Heroku, please wait a few seconds.)

Visit Floral Studio Site
(Use username: "admin", password: "admin")

source code:

Online Guestbook application for Taylor & Oscar's Wedding

Created an online Guestbook spring boot application.

    - Guests can add posts and see all the messages that have been posted
    - No posts can have empty values in any of their fields
    - Utilized Java Spring Boot (Thymeleaf, Web, Validation), HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, IntelliJ, GitHub, and deployed to Heroku

(Note: The App is deployed on Heroku, please wait a few seconds.)

Visit Online Guestbook application

source code:

Sports Teams Web Application for a school

Developed a website that displays their current teams and each of the players in those teams.

    - They already have 3 teams (the Cicadas, The Blue Crabs, and the Woodpeckers), each with 2 members
    - The Team Page displays all team information, including Player names per team
    - Logged-in users/admin should also be able to see a button leading to each child's profile page, where their first name, last name, age, picture, and team are displayed
    - Only an admin can register/update/delete a Team
    - Only an authenticated user or admin can add in a new child and needs to provide a first name, last name, age, picture, and the team the child will participate in
    Utilized: Java Spring Boot (Thymeleaf, Spring Security, Web, H2 database, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate), HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, IntelliJ, and GitHub

(Note: The App is deployed on Heroku, please wait a few seconds.)

Visit Sports Teams Web Application
(Use username: "admin", password: "admin")
(Use username: "bart", password: "bart" for authenticated user)

source code:

Project Management Java Spring Boot Application

Completed a Project management application built with PostgreSQL database after graduating from Java Bootcamp.

    - Seeded DB using SQL Files
    - Included custom queries in spring data repositories
    - Configured properties for PostgreSQL DB and connected the DB to the app
    - Set up the configuration for integration testing
    - Utilized JUnit dependency
    - Integration tests for Controllers/Views
    - was able to build a Docker image using Dockerfile and run it in a container
    - was able to utilize Amazon RDS and have DB running on the cloud
    - was able to build the connection between the container and the DB remotely (Used Env Variables)
    - Customized White Label Error pages
    - Built CRUD REST endpoints for entities and HTTP verbs
    - Set validation rules for a REST API
    - Added pagination in REST API
    - Added Spring Data Rest
    Utilized Spring Boot (PostgreSQL Driver, Thymeleaf, Spring Data JPA, DevTools, JDBC API, Spring Web, Rest Repositories)

(Note: The App is deployed on Heroku, please wait a few seconds.)

Visit Project Management Application

source code:

Simple Blog Site

Completed A Blog site for an individual weekly challenge during the bootcamp.

    - Each blog entry have a date, title and content body
    - The home page displays a list of the blog entries. However, the content for each entry is not shown entirely. The user should be able to click a "View More" link from each blog entry that will take them to another page that displays that entire blog entry
    - There is a profile page for the blog's author that includes their names, a short bio, profile photos, and links to their social media sites (LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
    - Includes a page that describes the bootcamp
    - Used Bootstrap
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source code: